AMO TV: Episodes (In Development)


Episode 1: Pilot
The America’s Most Organized™ traveling studio turns into the subdivision and is about to begin another episode of America’s favorite reality game show.

The host, Derek Gibbs, who looks like a young Donny Osmond, descends the steps of the AMO studio van and approaches the front door of the first home selected to participate on this week’s show. As he is approaching the first house, Derek explains to the audience what he is about to do – he is going to invite the person who answers the door to take part in a contest.

Derek rings the doorbell and the door is answered by the lady of the house. Derek introduces himself and invites her to step outside on the porch so that he can explain who he is and why he is there. In the exchange that follows, Derek discovers that his first victim is identified as Linda Brown, an account executive for a major advertising agency, a wife and the mother of two sons. Linda is wearing a cutoff, sleeveless tee-shirt, shorts and sandals. She isn’t wearing any makeup, and her hair is slightly mussed but still presentable.

Derek explains that Linda has been chosen at random to take part in the contest and she can win $500.00 cash on the spot – if she can find a particular item. The item is named in a sealed envelope that Derek holds. And if she agrees, Linda will have only 30 seconds to find that item and return with it to the front door where Derek will be waiting. And just to make things more interesting, Derek explains that he will double the money Linda can win if she will allow our camera to follow her while she goes in search of the object.

The unspoken challenge is that she does not have the opportunity to consult with the other members of the family before she makes her decision. She must either accept the challenge or pass and she has only 15 seconds to decide – the on-screen clock begins counting down as soon as Derek explains what the challenge is. The clock reaches the count of 4 seconds remaining when Linda accepts the challenge. Derek explains further that Linda doesn’t have time to explain to the other members of the family what is going on because she has only 30 seconds to find the object – if she stops to explain, she will most likely run out of time. Linda acknowledges that she understands and then Derek opens the envelope he is holding to discover that the object of the first quest is a “Phillips screw driver”. At this point the on-screen clock resets itself – Linda now has 30 seconds to find the object and return with it to the front door in order to win the money. Our camera will follow the quest through the household.

As Linda makes her way through the house towards the utility room, the camera is taking note of the action throughout the house. Linda’s husband, Larry, is watching a golf tournament on TV while their two sons, Drew, age 5, and Carey, age 3, are arguing over a football. Drew wants to call his friends and invite them over, but Carey wants to bounce the football off of the wall behind his father. He thinks it will be funny if he can scare his Dad.

Larry is pretty oblivious and doesn’t notice Linda rushing through the house and being followed by a strange man with a camera, but the boys stop their arguing long enough to holler “Hey Mom, what’s going on?” At this point, Larry looks up to see the cyclopean eye of a camera staring directly at him while Derek stands at the front door watching as Linda is retreating into the utility room with another camera following her. Larry is mildly curious, so he gets up to go over to see what is going on. Linda sees Larry approaching and yells to him not to get in the way, and that she will explain later but for now he just has to trust her. She begins digging through the junk drawer where they keep all of their important tools, along with the batteries for the flashlight, and most likely the flashlight as well, a hot glue gun that Linda used to make a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving last year and a spool of twine for Drew’s kite which now hangs from the tree in the backyard.

Linda continues to dig, throwing things to the floor frantically looking for the Phillips screwdriver she is certain is there because she saw it there just a week or so ago. “I know it’s here somewhere”. Suddenly, she spots the object, manages to extricate it and begins running toward the front door holding her prize aloft, but now she has to dodge Larry and both boys to get there. She only has 6 seconds remaining, but she makes it to the front door with 2 seconds to spare.

Linda, and every contestant, will earn a consolation prize, or bonus of $50 each time they say, “I know it’s here somewhere”.

Next to the clock the cash register icon will add up the winnings.

Larry and the boys have finally figured out that this is some kind of a contest, and they’re getting into it now. Now they’re ready for the next item. Unfortunately, there won’t be another item though. It’s all over. The camera pans the living room, and the trail leading back to the utility room with bits and pieces scattered about, then returns to Linda back at the front door. Derek is shelling out ten Franklins, $1,000 to Linda and as he does so, he states that “You almost blew it there Linda. If you had been a little better organized you might have had a chance to try for another prize because if you had returned with 10 seconds or more to spare, there would have been a second challenge worth an additional $500 and a bonus prize provided by our Sponsors.

Derek congratulates them on winning the $1000. Then he leaves Linda and Larry and the boys behind. The house is receding into the background as he begins walking toward the AMO van. Derek explains that organization is a part of our everyday lives and that we all take it for granted. He introduces Barbara who is in Manhattan. The camera cuts away to a wide angle view of downtown New York as Barbara introduces that this episode will focus on space planning and American Infrastructure. She will brief viewers on how the city was laid out, the logic and “Organization” that went into design, planning, the implementation of it all how it relates to every city in America.

As viewers tour downtown Manhattan Barbara explains how organization is one of the essential elements of our everyday lives. Our hostess uses amusing and whimsical computer graphic illustrations to explain how the traffic lights that decorate almost every street corner in Manhattan and other major cities in America are part of a much larger and extremely sophisticated traffic control system based on time management –

After this brief interlude, our host is back on the street with another contestant and another exciting challenge to seek out America’s Most Organized™...


Barbara Hemphill Derek Gibbs

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